DOST Concludes Electoral Board Certification Program for 2022 Polls

The DOST Electoral Board (EB) Certification Program is conducted pursuant to Republic Act No. 9369 or the Amended Automated Election Law which is aimed to increase public trust in the outcome of elections using automated technology for voting, counting, canvassing, transmission, consolidation, and recounting of the votes. Said Act mandates the DOST to certify at least one of the members of the Board to be an information technology-capable person to use the Automated Election System during the National and Local Elections (NLE).

For 2022, the DOST certified a total of 197,077 teachers who will serve as EB members during the Election Day on May 9. The EB members were required to take both the theoretical and practical examinations on the parts and operation of the vote counting machine (VCM). A total of 209,922 teachers underwent the certification process conducted by 389 DOST Certifiers nationwides.

This year’s Certification Program yielded a passing rate of strong> 93.88%.

DOST Automates the Theoretical Exam through the EB Certification Portal

To automate the theoretical examination to observe the health and safety protocols imposed to manage the COVID-19 pandemic, the DOST-NCR developed the EB Certification Portal which allows EB members to take the exams in their own homes or offices, generates exam results instantly, eliminates manual checking, secures test questionnaires, and randomizes questions and multiple choices.

The DOST EB Certification Portal also serves as the data repository of EB examinees which can be used as the historical basis for the conduct of EB certification in future elections.

Special Board of Election Inspectors (SBEIs) Certified for Overseas Voting

Meanwhile, 176 Special Board of Election Inspectors (SBEI), who are assigned in different polling precincts in Philippine Embassies and Consulates General for overseas voting in the Asia Pacific, Middle East, Canada, Europe, North and Latin America, and Africa, also took the theoretical test via the DOST EB Certification Portal, and practical test done via online videoconferencing and face-to-face hands-on examination. The SBEI members completed the certification process with a 100% passing rate.

DOST Certified PNP Personnel as Special EB Members

The DOST also certified 2,923 personnel from the Philippine National Police to serve as deputized Special Electoral Board (SEB) in selected areas should the need arises. The SEBs completed the certification process with 83% passing rate.

DOST To Man Technical Hubs During the Final Testing and Sealing (FTS) and Election Day

DOST will also enter into a Memorandum of Agreement with the Department of Information and Communications (DICT), and the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) for the establishment of eighty-two (82) technical hubs in 81 provinces across the country. This undertaking entails the deployment of 138 DOST Information Technology (IT) Personnel to these hubs to provide technical support during the NLE.

By: Bianca Claudette R. Canlas, SCCU

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