eBarangay PH: Connecting People and Technology

Advanced technology has paved the way for various platforms and sectors such as digital media, telecommunications, healthcare systems, and most prominently information technology. Maybe some of you are thinking how this former Overseas Filipino Worker was able to tie a knot between people and technology. Well, he made sure to tie the knot first to his vision of bringing a better and advanced way of living for every Filipino.

Ruel Bermudez, is one of the repatriated OFWs in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. He worked as IT Project Manager for 10 wonderful years, Senior Web Developer for outstanding 20 years, and with expertise in e-commerce, mobile banking, AgriTech, Information Security, and other complex Information Systems.

Despite being laid-off from a high paying and in-demand job overseas, he continued to pursue his passion by looking for other opportunities which are technology-related. That is when he realized his purpose of coming back to his homeland- creating something that is deemed beneficial to his countrymen.

Mr. Bermudez, a beneficiary of the DOST’s Innovations for Filipinos Working Distantly from the Philippines or iFWD PH program, is the brilliant mind behind the eBarangayPH – an Online Barangay Information System which was born during the onset of the pandemic. This system utilizes cloud-infrastructure to share and collaborate with other Barangay information management specifically on Resident Information, Document Issuance, Crisis, and Disaster Mitigation programs.

Accompanying him in this outstanding innovation is his wife, Ms. Raquel Bermudez, who serves as General Manager of their established company – Bermudez Software Labs. She has worked at Adamson University for 26 years and also headed the university’s Center for Continuing Professional Development and Computer Science departments.

Working well together as partners not just in life but in business, Bermudez Software Labs has been enthusiastic in developing the eBarangayPH system which can maximize the use of websites to manage records such as residential data, blotters, settlements, certificates, and permits in the barangay level. The system also features the management of resident IDs and information dissemination which can be accessed anytime and anywhere with the use of internet.

On top of this innovation’s vision is a user-friendly and structured interface between the barangay and its residents to ensure greater accountability and higher transparency of information. Hence, transforms an efficient and effective way of serving the public.

Following the introduction of the appropriate community-based monitoring system, Bermudez Software Labs have already empowered several barangays in the country such as Barangay Allen, Northern Samar, Barangay Jaen, Nueva Ecija, Barangay Tabucan, Iloilo, Barangay Sampaloc 2 in Sariaya, Quezon, and Barangay San Andres 1 in Dasmarinas, Cavite.

These Barangays have experienced the web-based framework system that the software provides, which main purpose of which is to come up with strategic record keeping information with the ability to track such data with proper inventory per barangay. Positive feedback also overwhelmed the said system and local government units have fully appreciated the beneficial use of this systematic process of gathering and utilizing information for program implementation particularly during the height of COVID-19 pandemic.

Since the eBarangay PH system has fully been into operation, it has already created several partnerships among local government units across the country. In 2022, the Bermudez tandem brought their expertise in front of various local government units, and regional line agencies during the Regional Research Development and Innovation Committee (RRDIC) General Assembly.

This tech-innovation made its breakthrough among students and local constituents in Metro Manila through a tech pitching which was conducted during the 2022 Regional Science and Technology Week. In 2023, a pilot testing project of the system is set for one (1) Barangay in the National Capital Region.

Technology not only improves our lives, but it helps every organization in keeping up with the emerging digital transformation across all sectors in the world. And with the cleverness of a Filipino whose mission and vision in life is to provide convenience for his fellow citizens, the success of his tech-journey is on the bright path of proliferation.

By: Shaira P. Rapisora, SCCU

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