What is EECA?
The DOST-NCR provides advisory services such as energy efficiency and conservation to energy-intensive industries and establishments. This activity will help companies determine their energy use patterns and identify energy efficiency opportunities that will yield savings for them once these are implemented. The primary objective of the energy efficiency and conservation assessment is to determine ways to reduce energy consumption per unit of product output or to lower operating costs. The energy efficiency and conservation assessment provides a benchmark, or reference point, for managing and assessing energy use across the organization and provides the basis for ensuring effective use of energy. Depending on the complexity of the operating facilities and the needs of the company, either a boiler efficiency test, preliminary or detailed audit, or electrical system audit is conducted as well as a project engineering work to pursue a specific energy saving recommendation is undertaken. “The verification, monitoring and analysis of use of energy including submission of technical report containing recommendations for improving energy efficiency with cost benefit analysis and an action plan to reduce energy consumption”

EECA Assistance include audit on the following areas:
   ·Thermal systems (boiler and steam system, kilns and furnaces, dryers)
   ·Lighting system
   ·Refrigeration and air conditioning
   ·Pumping system
   ·Air compressors
   ·Fans and blowers

EEC Assistance also includes training on energy efficiency, conservation, management and assessment measures. The DOST-NCR conducts short courses on energy management under its Energy Efficiency and Conservation Program. The ultimate objective of the program is to institutionalize energy management and conservation in all energy-consuming sectors, such as schools, commercial and industrial establishments.

What can we get from EECA?
   ·Reduces energy consumption costs
   ·Set energy conservation goals
   ·Identify areas where energy wastes can occur
   ·Relate energy consumption to production
   ·Improved process/ equipment efficiencies
   ·Identify and recommend energy saving opportunities

Who may apply?
The program is open to:
   ·Any company or individual firm based in the Philippines and wholly owned by Filipino citizens;
   ·Any micro, small and medium-scale business firm that can be classified under the identified priority sectors;
   ·An individual firm willing to apply technological improvements to existing operations; and
   ·Any energy consuming sectors, such as schools, commercial and industrial establishments.

What are the requirements?
Pre-Energy Efficiency and Conservation Audit/Assessment Requirements for Clients (as much as possible, should be provided at least two days prior to the EECA schedule):
  1. Copies of electricity bills (past 6 to 12 months) – with details or back to back copies (if from MERALCO)
  2. Facility layout or floor plan (with areas and dimensions – length, width, ceiling height and mounting height of lighting fixture) and with layout of lighting fixtures per area (if available)
  3. Electrical system single-line diagram (if available)
  4. Process flow chart and processing equipment layout (especially for food processing facility, if available)
  5. Production output per month (to identify lean, normal and peak months)
  6. Operating hours (for offices and production facility and other areas if different)
  7. List/Inventory of energy-intensive equipment (with nameplate ratings or specifications, if available)
  8. Fuel consumption per month (kg LPG or liters Diesel) related to production (not for transportation, if available)

How to apply?
Interested customer/s may send a letter of interest to avail of the SETUP assistance together with the requirements to:

  Regional Director
  Department of Science and Technology-National Capital Region
  DOST Compound, General Santos Avenue,
  Bicutan, Taguig City