Executive Order No. 128 mandates the Department to provide central direction, leadership and coordination of scientific and technological efforts and ensure that the results therefrom are geared and utilized in areas of maximum economic and social benefits for the people.

We provide Science, Technology and Innovation-based solution anchored on ethical public service, contributing to a better quality of life in the region.

By 2022, DOST-NCR is widely recognized enabler of Science, Technology and Innovation for sustainable development.

Core Functions
  1. Identify the needs and opportunities in S&T in the region;
  2. Formulate a regional S&T plan consistent with and supportive of the regional and national development S&T plans;
  3. Plan and implement programs and projects on R&D and the delivery of S&T services;
  4. Monitor and coordinate programs and projects of DOST Councils, Institutes and support agencies in the region;
  5. Develop institutional linkages with Regional Offices, other agencies, and local government and private organizations or entities for the effective planning and implementation of S&T programs in the region; and
  6. Perform such other functions as may be directed by higher authorities as provided by law.