Local Inventors Unveil Tech, R&D Feats thru TeknoLokal

Author: Shaira P. Rapisor Published: Dec. 02, 2022

The rapid growth of advanced technologies, not only in the country but across the world, has ideally addressed some of the emerging demands of the society, including improvements in health and economic systems, disaster response, environment, and energy conservation as well as industry commercialization processes.

As we move towards a generation wherein science, technology, and innovation join the core factors of socio-economic growth and development in the future, the Department of Science and Technology-National Capital Region continues to take a leap forward in strengthening and promoting scientific and technological outputs to make these accessible to possible end-users such as industry partners and communities.

Creating Smart Techs thru R&D

Through DOST’s series of “TeknoLokal” forum, a number of local research and development outputs aimed at addressing the growing problems of today’s society, were presented and introduced to partners from the local government units in Metro Manila.

One of the technologies developed includes the Universal Structural Health Evaluation and Recording System (USHER). This cost-effective system helps in monitoring the resiliency and stability of bridges, buildings, and other infrastructures during natural hazards. Moreso, this technology is already available in the local market and has been adopted by several business enterprises and other public and private industry sectors.

Another smart technology designed to obtain a more efficient planning process for disaster risk reduction and management (DRRM) is called the PlanSmart: Ready to Rebuild web application. Through this automated planning tool, Local Government Units will be able to access disaster-related information which may assist in expediting local recovery plans. This technology was developed by the DOST-Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (DOST-PHIVOLCS).

Realizing the importance of reducing wasteful energy consumption, CHRG Electric Vehicle Technologies Inc. produced the CHARM: Charging in Minute, a system which fast-tracks charging time of electric vehicles using lithium-ion battery storage technology. Through this system, the conventional 4 to 6 hours charging time can be reduced to just 30 minutes to fully charge one vehicle. The integration of this charging system also bears a significant role in achieving a more efficient and renewable green energy.

Furthermore, a former overseas Filipino worker, and Innovations for Filipinos Working Distantly from the Philippines (iFWD PH) beneficiary, Mr. Ruel Bermudez of Bermudez Software Development Services, has started an information system which is called the eBarangayPH System. It is an advanced e-governance solution to efficiently manage barangay information and records such as resident information, document issuance, and crisis and disaster mitigation programs.

S&T for a Safer Society

Water pollution, in general, has gone massive detrimental impacts to both natural environment and health of the people. Polluted water, for instance, from the lakes, oceans, and even underground water, is being consumed by people and can bring direct harmful effects or diseases afterwards.

As a step towards addressing the quality of wastewater and odor of other solid wastes, a natural water treatment technology was initiated by a former Dean of the Adamson University, Dr. Merlinda A. Palencia. Vigormin, a mixture of local and natural Organo Minerals, aims to neutralize strong wastewater, septic odor, and other rotten odor from organic waste in landfill or material recovery facilities. The technology can also boost the removal rate of organic pollutants, adsorb heavy metals, and other suspended solids in wastewater.

Meanwhile, the Manila HealthTek Incorporated‘s adeptness in science and technology has led to significant developments in responding to the crucial demand of health and safety especially during the country’s fight against COVID-19 pandemic. Some of the health-related technologies developed by MTek’s pool of scientists and researchers include the BioTek-M Dengue Aqua Kit, GenAmplify COVID-19 RT-PCR Test Kit, and other diagnostic kits.

With the leadership of its CEO and Founder, Dr. Raul V. Destura, the company envisions a quality, competitive, and affordable technologies and services which can be availed by every Filipino people.

Leading the Way Towards Industry 4.0

As we transition to the so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution or Industry 4.0, the DOST-NCR, through its various programs and services, commits to further underpin the government’s vision in achieving a more stable and livable Metro Manila Region.

Indeed, our society can be assured of a better quality of life through the multitude of research outputs emanating from science, technology, and innovation.

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