DOST-NCR Approves Collaborative R&D Project on Development of RTD Juice from Indigenous Crops

The DOST-NCR provided funding and technical support for the project titled “Development of Ready-To-Drink (RTD) Juice from Indigenous Crop Yacon, Green Carabao Mango (Sweet Elena Variety) and Mint Essence”, a collaborative research and development (R&D) project with the Lyceum of the Philippines University (LPU) and Vinoca Manufacturing, a SETUP-assisted enterprise processing natural drinks.

The project aims to look at underutilized Filipino fruits and develop alternative juice drink made from indigenous crops such as yacon (Smallanthus sonchifolius), green carabao mango (Mangifera indica), sweet elena variety, and mint essence.

Green mango is rich in antioxidant, acidic, and vitamin-rich properties, while yacon is positioned as a neutraceutical product rich in phenolic acids, antioxidants, and flavonoids. Mint, on the other hand, is packed with phytonutrients that help produce enzymes for digestion.

The project will determine the physico-chemical, microbiological and sensory properties of the RTD made of these three plants found locally in the country. During the development of the RTD juice, product nutritional value, sugar profile and functional properties will be characterized.

The DOST-NCR partnered Vinoca Manufacturing with food experts from LPU to develop diverse and innovative products from indigenous crops, and identify significant trends, drivers, and influences of the current marketing trend of RTD juices made of local fruits in the country.

This collaborative project will also help the beverage industry in exploring the transformation of local fruits into shelf stable RTD juices.

By: Bianca Claudette R. Canlas, SCCU

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