Science, Culture and History Take Centerstage in Pamana Agham

Author: Aurora F. Marcelo and Bianca Claudette R. Canlas Published: Oct. 18, 2023

Agham, ipamana!

The rich, dynamic, and transformational relationship between science, culture, and history took centerstage in Pamana Agham, which ran from October 14-16, 2023 at the Plaza Moriones, Fort Santiago inside the famed Walled City of Intramuros.

Department of Science and Technology-NCR Regional Director Engr. Romelen Tresvalles welcomed guests to the event, billed as “Celebrating Filipino Heritage Through Science,” which signaled the start of a new and collaborative relationship between two disciplines, that of science and history.

Department of Tourism Undersecretary Ferdinand “Cocoy” Jumapao acknowledged the profound impact of science and heritage on tourism. For her part, Intramuros Administrator Atty. Joan Padilla welcomed the new partnership, looking forward to harnessing technology and innovation to make Intramuros more accessible and engaging for both domestic and foreign visitors.

DOST Secretary Dr. Renato U. Solidum shared that this event was just the start of more fruitful undertakings between the two agencies, vowing to harness the strengths of DOST’s multiple agencies in line with DOST’s banner slogan of #OneDOST4U.

“This event is a unique way of blending two seemingly disparate themes: Filipino heritage and scientific progress. The relationship between science and culture need not be adversarial,” said DOST Secretary Solidum.

Earlier in the day, the DOST and the Intramuros Administration inked a Memorandum of Understanding at the Museo de Intramuros to launch several projects that are anchored on DOST’s thrusts, pushing science, technology, and innovation for wealth creation, wealth protection, sustainability, and well-being.

Two of the projects will merge new technologies with the Walled City’s traditional attractions. The Intramuros E-Tranvia will upgrade and modernize the historic tram system within Intramuros while accomplishing two objectives: reducing the emissions from the tram in line with the country’s efforts to combat climate change, while at the same time enhancing transportation efficiency.

The tourism mobile application called Discover Intramuros, on the other hand, aims to enhance the visitor’s experience. A one-stop guide using real-time information, it will provide precise mapping and geo-location services, as well as inform guests about ongoing activities in Intramuros that they can visit. The app even includes a Halal-compliant/Halal-aligned and Halal-certified restaurant travel guide to cater to the needs of visitors.

The other projects will benefit the Walled City and its surrounding communities. The installation of the DOST Industrial Technology Development Institute’s Bioreactor Technology will ensure the sustainability of both the park and the environment by establishing a facility for the decomposition of organic wastes. The project will also produce soil enhancers that can be used for the greening program of the Intramuros Administration.

Three projects have to do with food. The Food Safety Ladderized Training for Food Merchants in Intramuros and the Establishment of a Food Safety Grading System for Food Merchants in Intramuros both aim to improve the overall food safety and hygiene practices of food merchants by fostering a culture of compliance with strict food safety standards. The Halal Training for Certification, on the other hand, will capacitate Intramuros food merchants and industries to comply with Halal standards and apply for Halal Certification.

“While agham is our gift to the community, pamana is our commitment to pass this abundance of endless opportunities through S&T to the next generations”, DOST-NCR Regional Director, Engr. Romelen Tresvalles mentioned during the project launching.

Aside from a bazaar featuring products of DOST-NCR’s assisted companies and communities under the Department’s Small Enterprise Technology Upgrading Program (SETUP), Community Empowerment thru Science and Technology (CEST) and Innovations for Filipinos Working Distantly from the Philippines (iFWD PH) Program, visitors to the three- day fair had numerous attractions to enjoy: Agham Mo Ba? Flavors of the Past: A Journey into Philippine Heritage, HiSTORYa: A Cinematic Exploration of Filipino

History and Heritage, KOOHA ko: Capturing History in a Lens Mobile Photography Challenge, and Crafting Innovation: Empowering Local Arts and Crafts Through Science.

Pamana Agham also showcased Halal-certified products with the tag “Sulayi or try Halal, Explore Na!” where different DOST-assisted Halal products from all over the country were put in the spotlight.

“Our commitment as #OneDOST4U is to use our time in public service to leave a mark and a legacy for the Filipinos, leaving behind impactful science, technology, and innovation-based solutions that will transcend generations,” said DOST Undersecretary for Regional Operations, Engr. Sancho A. Mabborang.

The Pamana Agham is a collaborative initiative with the Intramuros Administration, City Government of Manila, and the Department of Tourism.

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