KOOHA ko: Celebrating the Fusion of History and Technology in a Lens

Author: Jennylle Escarcha Published: Oct. 23, 2023

The adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” refers to the ability of a single photograph or image to convey multiple ideas. Aside from conveying different meanings, photographs can also capture specific moments in time, even a century’s worth of history, for a new generation to appreciate through the magic of modern technology.

Last 14-16 October 2023, the DOST-NCR spearheaded the conduct of the “PAMANA AGHAM: Celebrating Culture through Science” in Fort Santiago, Intramuros, Manila. One of the activities of the three-day event was meant to celebrate the Filipinos’ history and culture using the modern lens, thus fusing science, technology, and history.

For the session on Kooha ko: Capturing History in a Lens, a Mobile Photography Challenge, participants used the mobile photography app called KOOHA, which was developed by the DOST- Advanced Science and Technology Institute, to capture the historical charm and the nostalgia of Intramuros. They submitted their entries for other users of the application to interact with and share the wonders of the location.

Out of 40 entries, 12 were shortlisted and evaluated by three esteemed judges from the Intramuros Administration, DOST-ASTI, and DOST-NCR. The following emerged as the winners of the contest:

Different points of view, several ways of putting their messages across, in the end all the participants were able to capture the charm and cultural heritage within the historical walls of Intramuros. Through their entries, we were reminded that this was once a place that witnessed various stories that became a part of our history. Keeping in mind the stories of the past should be a lesson that we should all remember, treasure, and be proud of as Filipinos.

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