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NCR Hosts Biggest Gathering of Policymakers, First Responders and Disaster Response Managers PDF Print Email
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Monday, 09 June 2014 15:44

Is Metro Manila ready to respond should a massive disaster strike?

This is the question that will be addressed as the country’s top scientists, first responders and policymakers gather for “Iba na ang Panahon (INAP): Science for Safer Communities” at the PICC, Pasay City.

INAP, a comprehensive Information Education and Communication workshop, has the following objectives: EARLY WARNING, to increase knowledge of local risks through the use of new tools; EARLY ACTION, to capacitate the monitoring of hazards; MINIMIZE LOSS, by testing and strengthening disaster warning and communication protocols; and QUICK RECOVERY, to build the response capability of first responders.

Other than assessing the disaster readiness of each of NCR’s 16 cities and one municipality and enhancing the capabilities of local disaster risk reduction management officers, INAP-NCR hopes to gauge how fast other sectors, including utility services, can get back to normal operations in the aftermath of a big disaster.

INAP-NCR is the culmination of a nationwide disaster readiness campaign among DOST’s Regional Offices in collaboration with the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG), the Department of National Defense-Office of Civil Defense (DND-OCD) and other allied agencies. (Ms. Pinky Marcelo)

DOST-NCR Installs Hydromet Devices in Metro Manila PDF Print Email
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Monday, 09 June 2014 15:28

With the abrupt changes in climatic conditions, there is a need to provide the public with updated forecasts of weather conditions. This is to enable people, especially those directly involved in hazard mitigation, to plan ahead to avert potential social and economic losses.

DOST-NCR is partnering with the Advanced Science and Technology Institute (ASTI-DOST) and PAGASA to implement two projects that will install locally fabricated hydromet devices in strategic locations in Metro Manila to monitor real-time weather pattern changes. The devices, which include the automated weather station (AWS), automated rain gauge (ARG) and the water level monitoring system (WLMS) produce data that enhance local disaster management.

The AWS, for example, measures wind speed direction, air temperature, humidity, pressure and the amount of rainfall, its duration and intensity. The ARG, on the other hand, gathers the amount of rainfall incident in an area. Another device, the WLMS, measures the rate by which the water level rises within the river system or bodies of water. All three devices automatically send data to a central base station on a pre-determined interval, which, at present, is set at 15 minutes.  The data gathered from these stations are being used by PAGASA, Project NOAH and their partner institutions for further risk evaluation and hazard analysis.

A total of 12 ARGs, 2 WLMS and one unit of AWS have already been installed in selected sites in Quezon City, Valenzuela, Muntinlupa, Malabon, Caloocan and Taguig since 2012. More devices are scheduled to be installed in other cities in NCR within the year.

The installation of these monitoring devices is under the projects “Development of Hybrid Weather Monitoring System and Production of Weather and Rain Automated Stations”, and the “Emergency Distribution of Hydrometerological Devices in Hard-hit Areas in the Philippines (Hydromet)” under the Nationwide Operational Assessment of Hazards (NOAH) Program. (Ms. Paj Palaganas)

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Chicano's Nata de Coco: Dressing to Heal PDF Print Email
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Monday, 09 June 2014 14:23

The Philippine medical and health care scene welcomes a revolutionary new product,- a wound dressing that is made out of nata de coco cellulose.

A pioneering product of Chicano Nata de Coco, the company previously used its products for food until the owner’s son, a registered nurse, thought of using the product’s coco cellulose as a dressing for burn and trauma wounds.  It was a novel idea so the owners, Mr. Denver Chicano, a registered nurse, and his wife. Dr. Acel Pauline Ampong-Chicano, subjected their product to several clinical trials at the Philippine General Hospital.  The result: the clinical trials found that wound dressing made of coco cellulose had better healing properties than conventional dressings.

Being both men of science, the Chicanos appreciate the value of S & T intervention in product manufacturing. Accordingly, Chicano Nata de Coco approached DOST-NCR for help in upgrading their production through the acquisition of a vacuum sealer and an autoclave machine.  Another must, especially for a revolutionary product, was patent protection. Thanks to DOST’s assistance, the nata de coco cellulose for wound dressing is now patented under Patent Registration No. 22007000429, giving Chicano the exclusive right to produce this highly marketable product in the country.

The company’s discovery, which is now trademarked under the name VERMAC, has since been producing fruitful gains. Aside from an offer to produce the product for a foreign company, Chicano’s coco cellulose dressing has won numerous awards, namely: as Most Promising Invention from the Intellectual Property of the Philippines Office and as a breakthrough in wound care management from the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry. It also won the top prize in last year’s DOST-NCR Regional Inventions Fair and Exhibit (Creative Research Category), paving the way for the company to represent NCR in the 2014 National Invention Contest and Exhibit this July. Better yet, Chicano’s coco cellulose dressing is now being extensively used at the Chicano clinic in Marikina and during medical missions as part of the company’s corporate social responsibility activities. (Ms. Paj Palaganas)

Last Updated on Monday, 09 June 2014 15:37
J. Chemie’s Laboratory, Inc.: the Supporting Player Takes a Leading Role in the Pharmaceutical Business PDF Print Email
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Monday, 09 June 2014 14:11

Healthy and natural medical products have become bestsellers in the network marketing businesses. Foreign companies producing popular brands are dominating the market for medicines, multivitamins, beauty and body enhancement products and cleansing agents. The stiff competition, however, did not  stop J. Chemie’s Laboratory, Inc. from producing and distributing its own line of solutions/test kits, beauty products, dental analgesics, medicines, medicated ointments and home and hospital supplies.

J. Chemie started as a galenical laboratory that catered to marketing and distributing companies for pharmaceutical, cosmetics, household cleansing agents and other chemicals.  Seeing the potential, the company developed its own Filipino made natural products, starting initially with the production of medicinal syrups, ointments and creams.  A Department of Health and Food and Drugs Administration-accredited company, J. Chemie has since expanded into producing cheap but quality drugs, medicines and hospital supplies.  It has also partnered with the Drugstores Association of the Philippines (DSAP) to produce the acetone-free Carole’s Nail Polish remover which is now widely distributed in small drugstores and outlets all over the country.

J. Chemie is aiming to sustain its compliance with the standards and requirements of the FDA for producing safe and quality products. To do this, the company sought the assistance of DOST-NCR’s SETUP in upgrading its in-house microbiological laboratory. The laboratory will facilitate the microbiological testing for pathogens and evaluate the safety and reliability of their products. The fully equipped microbiology laboratory will also increase the competitiveness of the company when it comes to production and quality of its own products. This capability, coupled with the FDA’s accreditation, will help make the company eligible to provide toll manufacturing and micro-analytical services for smaller pharmaceutical and galenical laboratories. (Ms. Paj Palagnas

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