Science Food Fest Brings Science in a Bottle and FoodBitz Clinic

Aiming to understand the importance and benefits of bottling to the safety and quality of bottled products, as well as acquiring an overview on food hygiene and selected food preservation methods, the DOST-NCR in its 2nd day of the Kain Tayo sa Science Food Festival, conducted the "Science in a Bottle: A Crash Course on Bottled Products" on 27 May 2023 at the Eastwood Central Plaza, Quezon City.

In-house Food Experts, Mr. Albei Tolete and Ms. Bebviet Bulagao facilitated the said activity with participants including DOST representatives from other regions, assisted MSMEs, and bazaar exhibitors.

"We always start our food preparation with food safety, and understanding food hazards will help us make sure the food we eat is safe", said Mr. Tolete. He also discussed the various hazards, such as biological, chemical, and physical hazards that could have an adverse effect on one's health. Bottling is done to stop or slow down spoilage, prevent foodborne illness, and maintain nutritional value, texture, and flavor.

The process of making a bottled "Kamo-technical" or "Sweet Potato Leaves Extract Drink" which was developed by researchers from the University of the Philippines Diliman Food Innovation Facility was demonstrated during the activity using pure kamote leaves, calamansi extract, sanitized bottle, and potable water. Participants got the chance to taste Kamo-Tea after the actual demonstration.

In the afternoon, a discussion on Licensing and Regulatory Requirements for Food Establishment was conducted as part of the regular "Foodbitz Clinic" organized by the DOST-NCR Food Safety Unit. Representatives from Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Ms. Givinia J. Tuason and Ms. Charlene Joie R. Almante served as resource persons. In-house food experts, Mr. Carlos Pena and Ms. Abegail Atienza facilitated the activity.

The FDA Circular 2020-033, which outlines requirements to secure a Certificate of Product Registration, and an Overview of the updated e-Registration Procedure, was also covered in the discussion. Participants in an open forum, particularly those who are starting their businesses, voiced their questions during the event.

A free sit-in consultation with DOST-NCR's in-house experts was also conducted after the FoodBitz Clinic.

DOST-NCR offers food-related technical consultancy services and training to food manufacturers. Those who are interested can connect with the DOST-NCR via the Clustered Area Science and Technology Offices, or our official social media pages.