Food Innovation Center (FIC)

What is FIC?
The Regional Food Innovation Center (FIC) is established in each region of the country to serve as a hub for innovations, R&D, and support services for value-adding of fresh produce and development of processed foods. It is envisioned that through the Center, innovative technologies, relevant support services, technical expertise, necessary infrastructures and facilities will be more accessible for MSMEs in the urban centers and countryside for a more effective technology application, deployment (transfer), and commercialization for sustained economic growth and productivity. (FIC Generic Operational Manual, 2016)

For the NCR, the Regional FIC is housed in Diliman, Quezon City at the UP College of Home Economics, Department of Food Science and Nutrition (DFSN) adjacent to its Pilot Food Plant (PFP). Since the facility complements the PFP and is not a stand alone facility, it was renamed as the Food Innovation Facility (FIF). The FIF is primarily for the development of product prototypes (given the limited capacities of its in-house equipment), process optimization and the limited production of samples for preliminary market testing. It can also serve as instructional facility for students, industry & other government agency personnel and private individuals.

What can we get from RGIA?
   ·Innovative Product Research and Development;
     ·Academic Driven;
       ·Student Special Projects/Theses;
       ·Intra-Academic Institutions/Inter-Collegial Collaboration;
     Industry Need Driven;
       ·Contact Research with MSMEs;
       ·Intra-RDIs/Gov't Agencies Collaboration;

   ·Prototype Development Services;
     ·Novel Product Idea/Conecpt;
       ·Product Characterization;
     Benchmarking/Product Simulation;
       ·Raw Material/Ingredient/Packaging Substitution;
       ·Product/Process Standardization;
       ·Product Characterization;

   ·Training and Skills Development;
     ·Students and Academe;
       ·Product Development;
       ·Equipment Applications;
       ·Equipment Operations and Maintenance;
       ·Process Engineering;
     Entrepreneurs and MSMEs;
       ·Product Development;
       ·Equipment Applications;
       ·Market Pitching;
       ·Equipment Operations and Maintenance;
       ·Equipment Design and Fabrication;

Who may apply?
The facility is open to MSMEs intending to develop new products, academe and students for the conduct of R&D into product or process development, and the private sector interested to test their product concepts or ideas. The facility can also serve as a demonstration and instructional facility for education of students (from the university and other HEIs) and training of industry and government personnel.

What are the requirements?
A letter request addressed to the Regional Director may be submitted, which would be endorsed to the UPCHE Dean and action of the DFSN FIF Manager. Interested parties may also directly contact the DFSN FIF Manager to make necessary arrangements for availing the services of the facility.

  Regional Director
  Department of Science and Technology-National Capital Region
  DOST Compound, General Santos Avenue,
  Bicutan, Taguig City

Implementing guidelines
Novel products and processes developed at the facility are covered by intellectual property rights appropriately subject to exclusive proprietary assignment or co-ownership sharing as determined by the ITSOs of UP Diliman and DOST.