What is SETUP?

As one of the flagship programs of the DOST, the DOST-NCR is implementing the Small Enterprise Technology Upgrading Program (SET-UP) as a primary means to reach out to Filipino entrepreneurs in the metromanila. This is DOST-NCR's way, not only to support and sustain the growth of micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs), but also to directly and immediately address the needs of local businesses to avail of the appropriate technologies. This task is effectively done through the identification and provision of the most suitable technological intervention specific for each firm as determined by DOST resource person & SME and Regional Technical Evaluation Committee (RTEC) members.

SETUP is a nationwide strategy to encourage and assist SMEs to adopt technological innovations to improve their operations and thus boost their productivity and competitiveness. SETUP provides micro small and medium enterprises with equipment and technical assistance to enable MSMEs to increase sales and production, streamline and improve overall company operations, upgrade the quality of products and services, conform to national and international standards of excellence, and be competitive in their respective fields.

SETUP supports MSMEs by providing: (1) seed fund for technology acquisition, (2) needed equipment and equipment upgrading, (3) technical trainings and consultancy services, (4) packaging and label design, (5) database information systems, and (6) support for establishment of product standards, including testing, and calibration of equipment.


What can we get from SETUP?

The following are the package of S&T intervention offered by SETUP:

1. Infusion of new/advanced technologies

2. Provision of seed funds for technology acquisition and equipment upgrading

3. Technical trainings such as:

·         Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP)

·         Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

·         Quality and Environmental Management System (QMS/EMS)

·         Training on specific technical skills such as machining for furniture, handloom weaving, sea weed culture and tissue culture production, etcetera.

4. Technical Advisory and Consultancy Services on:

·         Food Safety

·         Resource efficiency and cleaner production

·         Manufacturing, productivity, and extension program

·         CAMPI

·         Product and Process Standardization

·         Productivity Improvement

·         Energy Conservation and Energy Efficiency Assessment

5. Design of functional packages and labels

6. Support in the establishment of product standard including testing and calibration

7. Database information system


As a result of SETUP interventions, beneficiaries may be able to: 

·         Address current technical problems;

·         Address current technical problems;

·         Get free technical advice from consultants;

·         Avail of technical training courses for workers/employees;

·         Acquire new equipment to mechanize and / or improve production lines;

·         Standardize and improve the quality of products; and

·         Be more competitive

Who may apply?

The program is open to:

·         Any company or individual firm based in the Philippines and wholly owned by Filipino citizens;

·         Any micro, small and medium-scale business firm that can be classified under the identified priority sectors; and

·         An individual firm willing to apply technological improvements to existing operations.


What are the requirements?

The following are the requirements that an applicant has to submit to avail of SETUP funding support on technology acquisition and equipment upgrading:

1.    Comprehensive project proposal. (Technical Aspects, Marketing Aspect,   Management /Administrative Aspect, Financial Aspect, Waste Disposal);

2.    Proponent's letter of interest to avail of financial assistance, stating commitment to repay;

3.    Copy of business permits and licenses from relevant LGUs and other government offices;

4.    Financial statements of the past three (3) years for the company/ beneficiary duly signed by a Registered Accountant/Auditor;

5.    Projected financial statements for the next five (5) years;

6.    Certificate of Registration of Business Name with DTI, SEC or CDA.

7.    Board resolution authorizing the borrowing and designating the authorized signatories for the financial assistance (if applicable);

8.    Three (3) quotations from suppliers/ fabricators of the equipment to be    purchased /fabricated;

9.    Complete technical design/drawing of the equipment to be purchased / fabricated.


How to apply?

Interested customer/s may send a letter of interest to avail of the SETUP assistance together with the requirements to:

Jose B. Patalinjug III

Regional Director

Department of Science and Technology-National Capital Region

DOST Compound, General Santos Avenue,

Bicutan, Taguig City


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.    Can start-up companies avail of the program?

The program caters to Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) existing for three (3) years (with proof of any business registration, DTI or Business Permits). Since the program has refund, the company needs to submit Financial Statement for the past three (3) years as basis if they are capable to payback the financial assistance.

However, Technology Application and Promotion Institute (TAPI), one of DOST’s attached agencies, offers program for Start-up companies such as the Venture Financing Program Facility which provides funds for equipment to be used in technology-based start-ups. 


2.     Can the financial assistance provided be used in capital or other operating expenses?

The main objective of the program is to upgrade the existing production of the company thru acquisition of appropriate technology or production equipment. Thus, the financial assistance will be used solely to acquire new production equipment that will increase the capability and productivity of the MSMEs.


3.     How long does the processing to approval takes place?

The processing time is dependent on the completion of the submitted requirements. Thus, it may range from as short as one month to as long as three months.


4.     What other services can the MSMEs avail?

Aside from SETUP-ISSF, MSMEs and start-up companies can avail of other Technical Consultancies such as Food Safety Assessment, Energy Audit, Cleaner Production, Manufacturing Productivity Extension Program (MPEX), Plant Layout Assistance, Label Design and Technical Trainings (please refer to the attached DOST-NCR Brochure)


5.     Is there a fee for the services?

There is no fee for all the services offered by DOST-NCR. However, funds provided under SETUP-ISSF will have to be refunded to the government for a period of three years without interest.


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