What is MPEX?

MPEX assists small and medium enterprises in the manufacturing sector to attain higher productivity. Field team is composed of individual engineers and productivity experts to undertake productivity consultancy services in various firms throughout the country.


Objectives of MPEX?

·         Identify strategies to improve productivity of micro, small and medium manufacturing enterprises;

·         Recommend productivity improvement measures for immediate implementation;

·         Develop capability to provide other forms of assistance to develop the manufacturing sectors and

·         Provide a venue for the entries of the other DOST programs and projects particularly technology transfer activities.


Duration of Consultancy Study

Each productivity consultancy shall be completed within four (4) man-months from contract signing including one (1) man-month for installation of recommendations.


What can we get from MPEX?

The productivity consultancy services shall focus on improvement of the following:

1.       Capability Utilization

2.       Product Design and Packaging

3.       Plant Layout

4.       Production Planning and Control

5.       Materials Management System

6.       Quality Control/Assurance System

7.       Safety and Housekeeping Practices or Facilities

8.       Financial Systems and Control


Who may apply?

Firms may apply directly to DOST-TAPI or may be endorsed by industry associations, DOST- NCR or DTI. MPEX teams may also recommend firms for inclusion in the program. MPEX is open to firms classified under the following sectors:

1.       Agro and Food Processing;

2.       Furniture;

3.       Garments;

4.       Gifts-Toys-House wares (GTH);

5.       Information Technology;

6.       Material based (wood, bamboo, minerals, leather);

7.       Metals and engineering; and

8.       Micro-electronics.

Firms that belong to the following classification:

1.       Micro enterprise 1- 3M

2.       Small enterprise 3,000,001 - 15M

3.       Medium enterprise 15,000,001 - 100M


How to apply?

A. Application

Submit a formal letter request for MPEX assistance to the DOST Provincial SU Office or the office of the Regional Director.

B. Screening

Potential beneficiaries endorsed will be evaluated based on the criteria set by the program;

Pre-qualification of firms will be done by DOST NCR in consultation with firm beneficiary and the team of consultants.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)                                               

How is MPEX conducted?

The MPEX team visits the plant for initial data gathering and documentation. The MPEX team prepares an Inception Report which contains a Work Program for approval by DOST NCR.

Firm assigns personnel to assist the MPEX team during project implementation.

The MPEX team will conduct plant visit to observe the entire production processes and operations.

The MPEX team in consultation with the firm identifies areas where productivity improvement potentials are highly possible.

The MPEX team caries out an in-depth analysis on the selected productivity improvement concern and formulates recommendations for implementation of the firm beneficiary.

If needed, services of technology experts relevant to the firm's operation will also be tapped.

Recommendations are discussed and validated with the firm's management and whenever possible, implemented immediately.

A final report will be submitted by the team to the DOST NCR Office at the end of consultancy, documenting the assessment, analysis, evaluation and recommendations made.





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