By: Vivian Pole
    Project Assistant I, TOD

Edgemetal and Technical Services Inc. , a fabricator of metal machine parts, stainless steel, conveyor parts and components, architectural signage, railings, grills, food service equipments, kitchen cabinets, welding and stamping, geared up for Global competitiveness in 2009.

“Mas mahirap, mas gusto ko.”, Mr. Edwin G. Esteves, the owner of the company said. It was his great passion to do something challenging—and metal industry in particular. After having been employed as marketing expert in a German Metal company for 18 years, Mr. Esteves who is a Mechanical Engineer by profession, decided to put up his own business using Php 35,000.00 as starting capital.

Prior to DOST assistance, cutting of metal sheets were done manually. Thus, poor quality of outputs were produced resulting to product losses or rejects.  With the pressure of growing clientele, Mr. Esteves later required outsourcing jobs in cutting the metal sheets for fabrication. However, only ten (10) metal sheets for 2-3 days could be produced. This constraint caused delays of production, low production outputs and high demands for mobilization and operating costs.  At a loss for a financial assistance in acquisition of necessary equipment, his co-entrepreneur informed him of the benefits of the DOST-NCR’s SETUP Project. Upon learning it, he applied the program and was approved on April 2014. According to him, “SETUP through DOST-NCR is a blessing to us. DOST’s assistance propelled my company in gearing up to become one of the best fabricators in the future.”

Through the SETUP project of DOST-NCR interventions for Innovation System Support (ISS), the company acquired an NC Shearing Machine. It is used mainly in cutting of metal sheets used in fabrication. Metal sheets produced with the equipment are with high quality since cutting is more precise. As a result, rejects are minimized. 

DOST’s SETUP greatly created great impacts on enhancing the capability of the company for globalization. With the newly acquired machine, the company’s productivity improved significantly and the processing time was reduced by 60-70%. Before, only ten (10) metal sheets in 2-3 days were produced. But now, the company can process 50 metal sheets per day.

Consequently, its production savings was significantly increased. Edgesmetal can now generate up to Php 50,000.00 per month savings in overall operation. 

In addition, a new product line was also developed and more clients were served. The company is now involved in sub-contracting metal fabrications for big hotels in Manila like Hyatt and Shangri-La Hotels. Mr. Esteves continuously thinks up product ideas, develops them and improves their services to attain customer satisfaction.