By: Jennifer A. Palaganas
    Science Research Specialist I, ICS


Philippine-made products have earned a reputable name in the export market, being noted for their imaginative designs and creative execution. One of the prominent names in the gifts, decors and houseware field is Lampara Trends Incorporated.

Lampara Trends Inc. produces Asian housewares and decorative/functional gift items made from capiz shells, metal, paper, glass, plastic and wood. Among its most saleable products are mirrors, picture frames, candle holders, vases, bathroom accessories, boxes, and sculptures.

Each month, the company ships about $USD 45,000 to $USD 50,000 worth of products. To keep up with the demand, Lampara Trends Inc. sought the assistance of DOST to acquire the FRPRDI-developed spray booth, drying tunnel and sanding booth. Aside from these equipment, the company was given MPEX consultancy and plant layout and technical assistance by experts from DOST-FPRDI. The assistance had improved products’ quality and workers’ safety and working conditions with the acquisition of the FPRDI-Developed spray booth. Furthermore, the technology intervention reduced the process and curing time in the finishing operation. Because of these developments, it increased its gross sales by 30%

Lampara Trends Inc.’s international buyers come from the USA, Italy, France, Spain, Middle East, Japan, Singapore, Russia, Hongkong, and  Germany. To gain more markets, the company regularly joins local and international trade fairs and exhibitions such as Manila Fame and Kultura. The company continues to develop new products and explore other markets taking advantage of its improved productivity courtesy of DOST SETUP.