Cleaner Production (CP) is the continuous application of an integrated preventive environmental strategy to processes, products and services to increase efficiency and reduce risks to humans and environment. 

CP generates options for improved productivity and environmental performance through use of cleaner production philosophy. Implementation of cleaner production in manufacturing enterprises has also been proven to facilitate implementation and compliance to Environmental Management Systems (ISO 14001) requirements. 

Cleaner Production Assessment is a consultancy program involving the identification of waste sources & its causes, and putting forward the appropriate CP options for a manufacturing enterprise. These CP options are opportunities that will help the facility reduce wastes, thus increasing productivity. CP assessment is an integral component of the CP program that may eventually serve as the foundation for the establishment of an environmental management system within a facility. It is a procedure used to examine industries, production processes, raw materials as well as products, in order to evaluate environmental improvements that could be made, and estimate their costs.

The program hopes to attain the following objectives at the level of the client companies:

* Reduction of raw materials consumption and costs

* Improvement of process efficiency and product quality

* Reduction of waste quantities

* Reduction of waste treatment costs

* Improvement of working conditions

* Decrease in pollution generation

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