Title: DOST-NCR Science Quiz Contest 2015


Recognizing the importance of science and technology, the DOST has been providing initiatives in encouraging students to pursue science and technology courses.  The popularity of science quiz competitions as a venue in engaging students in science and technology has brought DOST PNRI’s Nuclear Quiz Contest and DOST SEI’s Clash of Class. Such DOST organized contest are given to high school students only. 

The DOST-NCR Science and Technology Quiz Contest is the first quiz contest for colleges to be hosted by the DOST. The competition aims to gather students from different college schools in Metro Manila to compete on various S&T topics while fostering healthy competition with each other. The competition will cover various S&T topics on: General Sciences, Engineering, ICT and S&T related news on technologies.


Program of Activities:

8:00AM          Registration 

9:00AM          Invocation/National Anthem - Video Presentation Safety Moment 

9:10AM          Opening Message 

9:15AM          Quiz Overview and Mechanics 

9:30AM          Competition Proper

11:30AM         Lunch

12:30PM         Competition (Continuation) 

1:30PM           Closing 

Contest Mechanics and How to Join the Event?

1. The contest is open to all bona fide college students, from 1st year to 5th year. Participating schools should only be from Metro Manila (NCR). 

2. Each participating school should only have 1 team with maximum of 3 members each (3 members and 1 alternate member).

• If the primary contestant is not able to compete during the contest, an alternate contestant will be allowed to compete in their slot instead.

• Each team should submit their team registration forms no later than November 27, 2015 through email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it./This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the subject “Quiz Bee – (School Name)” Limited slots only (first come, first serve basis)

• Application forms may be downloaded from DOST-NCR website: www.ncr.dost.gov.ph

3. The questions to be asked in each round shall be from the following categories:

• General Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Health Sciences etc.)

• Engineering

• ICT/Mobile Technology

• S&T Related News on Technologies

4. The quiz will have two levels of Elimination Phase, the top 10 schools with the highest cumulative score shall proceed to the Final level.

5. At the Final Level, the contestant with the highest cumulative score shall be declared the Over-all Winner. The next two highest scoring teams will be declared First and Second Runner up, respectively.

6. Substitution during the contest is not allowed.

7. Calculators/smart phones are not allowed.

8. In case a question relevant to the game arises, the attention of the Board of Judges and Quiz Master shall be called to resolve the question being raised. The game should be temporarily suspended until the question has been resolved. The decision of the Board of Judges shall be deemed FINAL. 

9. All participants will be given Certificate of Participation and loot bags. Top three winners will receive Plaques, Cash Prize and Souvenirs.

Reading Mechanics

1. Questions in any given round may be in the form of but not limited to Identification, True of False, Multiple Choice, Word Puzzle, Fill in the Blanks and Problem Solving with corresponding time limit depending on the round. 

2. Each question shall be read twice after which no repetition of the same will be done.

Answering Mechanics and Point System

1. During the Elimination Phase, contestants will be given a white board and marker to place their answers.

2. The contestant can ONLY place their answers after the second reading of the questions and upon the GO signal given by the Quizmaster. For the First and Second round, the time allotted to answer the question is fifteen (15) seconds. For the Final round, twenty (20) seconds will be provided or otherwise stated. 

3. In the Final round, points accumulated from the first two rounds will return to zero. Each team will be given 50 points that they can risk or bet to gain higher points. 

4. Only exact and complete answers will merit full POINTS. Incomplete answers will NOT BE ACCEPTED.

5. For numerical answers, proper rules on significant figures and rounding off must be observed.

Scoring Mechanics

1. The quiz will follow a point system of scoring.

2. Points shall be distributed as follows:


No. of Items

Correct Answer (Points)

Total Points

1st Round

15 items



2nd Round

10 items



*FINAL Round

10 items



*Points accumulated from the first two levels will return to zero.  In the Final Level,  each team will be given 50 points that they can risk or bet to gain higher points. Betting of points is optional.

3. Incorrect, misspelled and no answer is equivalent to zero (0).

4. Scoring system shall be managed by a designated and official scorer. Any error in the scoring of any team should be raised by the duly designated representative of the school. Failure to raise, the score reflected on the scoring board is deemed correct and final at the end of each round.

Tie Breaking Mechanics

1. In case of a tie at the end of the last round of this contest, a Clincher Round will immediately ensue for a sudden death.

2. Clincher Questions shall be asked until one team gains an advantage in score over the other.

3. The first team to gain an advantage will be declared the victor of the tie.

For inquiries, please contact:

2015 DOST-NCR S&T Quiz Committee

DOST- NCR Building,

General Santos Ave. Bicutan Taguig

Telefax: (02) 837-3162 / 837-2071 local 2017

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it./This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Website: http://ncr.dost.gov.ph


<Click here to Download the S&T Quiz Mechanics Guidelines and Registration Form>