Reference Number: 2830280

Project Title: Institutional Video for Promotion of DOST-NCR Program and Services

Date Created: September 19, 2014


Winning Bidder: Red Root Artists & Artisans Multipurpose Cooperative

Amount (Quotation): Php 295,000.00

Purchase Order Number: NCR PO 14-08-004-050

Remarks: Completed

Reference Number: 2833624

Project Title: Implementation of the "JUAN TIME" through Installation of Global Positioning System (GPS) Clock at Pasay, Pateros, and San Juan

Date Created: September 22, 2014


Winning Bidder: STAR Communications Holding Corporation

Amount (Quotation): Php 237,440.00

Purchase Order Number: NCR PO 14-09-002-052

Remarks: Completed

Reference Number: 2840025

Project Title: DOST-NCR 2013 Annual Report

Date Created: September 24, 2014


Winning Bidder: NCR PO 14-08-003-051

Amount (Quotation): Php 130,000.00

Purchase Order Number: NCR PO 14-08-003-051

Remarks: Completed