Reference Number: 1208284

Project Title: Label Design Development Assistance for MSME's in the NCR

Date Created: May 05, 2010


Winning Bidder: Color and Design Enterprises

Amount (Quotation): Php 96,000.00

Work Order Number: NCR WO 10-04-021-23

Remarks: Completed


Reference Number: 1231979

Project Title: Printing of DOST NCR 2009 Annual Report

Date Created: June  08, 2010


Winning Bidder: LJB Printing Services

Amount (Quotation): Php 78,000.00

Purchase Order Number: NCR PO 10-06-005-89

Remarks: Completed

Reference Number: 1384470

Project Title: Renovation of DOST-NCR Office (formerly occupied by PCASTRD at Tuklas Lahi Bldg.)

Date Created: December 13, 2010


Winning Bidder: Providential Properties Construction and Development Corporation

Amount (Quotation): Php 224,983.20

Work Order Number: NCR WO 10-12-017-34

Remarks: Completed